TAKTX provides services in Marketing Communication field since 2003 under WeGroup roof. Being a member of DPID (Direct Marketing Communicators Association), TAKTX is one of the leading companies of sector with their experience and applications in marketing communication field.


TAKTX conducted many influencing events from site activities to dealer meetings, product promotions to congresses in different areas for national and international brands.


TAKTX adopts your brand and embraces it like its own. Thus it gets to know your target group, determines your brand strategies, presents project to diversify you and to raise awareness. It also presents solutions to deliver such projects to correct audience, through correct channels, in correct time and in a correct way. It plans and puts them into action.


You only need to share what you need and leave the rest to TAKTX.



TAKTX Direct designs projects for promotions of direct products and services at sales points from A to Z with their solutions, organizes them and reports to you.


Stand Activities (Host, Hostess, Supervisor etc.)


Product Promotion and Tasting Activities


Sales Support and Merchandising Services


Site Reporting Services


Classification and Exhibition Applications


In-Shop Activities


Guerrilla Marketing Applications




Sampling Services


Door to Door Activities


Mystery Shopper Applications


Telemarketing Services


Site Team Training Organizations


Outdoor and Shopping Center Activities and Reporting all of them.


TAKTX Event conducts creative organizations in line with demands and necessities of your brand designed especially for you and in compliance with your target group.


Dealer Meetings


Press Meetings


Product Launching


Motivation Events


Indoor and Outdoor Games


Fair and Opening Organizations


Special Invitation and Gala Nights


Congress and Conference


University Events


Social Responsibility Projects


Organizations for Children


Concert and Festival Organizations